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The 2ROT13 Cipher

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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2006|03:49 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

[D A S H E R]

Captain Cappers grabbed onto the steering wheel with all four of his gloved "hands", the other segments pushing down on the deck. "ARGAHA! What a storm! Hold on there General, we'll be getting there soon if we pump it up." Seadog popped up to ask a question on where the turbo button was, but Cappers turned red. "It's near the Cheetos, DAMMIT SEADOG!" The K-9 shaked and rubbed its black glass pupil attatched to the eye, hurrying off. Dasher sighed and tried to sleep, pulling off his shell to reveal the blue X Jumpsuit. The boat jets flared on and it shot off like a rocket, heading towards the island.

[S A N L Y N]

On the island, Sanlyn would appear after the steel of his sword stabbed through the ground near the shore I assume. He was warped underneath it in a lab in the Hellspace. "But it won't warp me to the exact fucking location will it? Damn scientists." He looked around for anything and I wait for Din to describe the island then.
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2006|08:43 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher


Brass and Surger were in Brass' house making hot steamy Yoshi love and then went to some island.

....FUCK. I'm only half done.
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Metalllll! [Oct. 12th, 2006|12:45 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

[mood |lazylazy]

We need to stop being lazy and do Brass/Surger intro post thing.
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2006|04:46 am]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

A Zeus Guy in a purple cloak walked out of his Nimbus Land house. A Brown Fuzzy soon followed.

"WHAT?! AN ISLAND! I WANNA GO!" The Fuzzy screamed with delight.

"No, Max. You stay and watch the house. Besides, it might be too dangerous for you." The Zeus Guy responded.

"But Stoooooooooorm...it could be fun!" Max said with delight. Storm sighed.

"I've already explained why in detail. Just watch the house. I'll be back...soon...now hand me my luggage." Storm said in a firm tone. Max pouted.



"ONLY IF I GO!" Storm sighed and kneeled down to Max. "Listen, buddy...tell you what. You can have anything in the house. Anything is yours for the time being. Even the food." Max brightened up.

"THANKS!" He used invisible Fuzzy hands to hand Storm a backpack. The Zeus Guy strapped it on.



Storm chuckled. He walked off to the cloud bus in Nimbus Land that his author forgot the name of.

"One ticket to that...mysterious island everyone is talking about." The vendor nodded, being aware of it himself. Storm boarded the bus, with the driver already in it.

"Hello Storm? Goin' on an adventure son?" The Lakitu driver asked.

"Seems like it." Storm replied, going through his backpack.

"Good to go." Storm told the driver.

"Excellent. An' we're off!" The cloud bus drove into the sky, headed to the island of rumors.
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Yah [Oct. 5th, 2006|03:58 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

(So I looking at this and I was all, "Woah, it's been almost a month since the most recent entry." And many of you haven't even done intro posts yet. =o)

[Rhowsham Boe]

The salty breeze was picking up.

Shielding his eyes from the rising sun, Rhowsham cast a downward glance toward the sea, which rested several hundred rocky feet bellow. Waves of steadily increasing size were pounding against the side of the rough cliff, and dangerously dark clouds were spreading across the sky. Gripping the handle of his dagger tightly, Rhowsham narrowed his large Yoshi eyes and swept about face.

There was a distrubance aproaching. He could feel it.

He would have to rouse the tribe.

[Desolation Guy]

Somewhere within twenty miles of Rougeport, Desolation Guy had forcefully taken control of the merchant vessel he had stowed away upon. At present, the Shyster had his gun at the ship captain's head, providing what he believed were coordinates to the newly discovered island. Dawn had passed hours ago by the time one of the ship's navigators spotted the island. An hour or so later, Desolation Guy could get a good feel for the island's general geogrpahic layout. A tall, rocky cliff faced outward to the left, and a leafy jungle jungle dominated most of the island. A pair of volanoes rose at the island's center, puffs of sulfuric gas rising steadily from their seperate crators. The island's South side seemed to be the only feasible docking area.

Desolation Guy frowned. Already resting near the sandy shore was small fleet of vessel's bearing the Bean Bean Kingdom insignia.

"Bring her in."
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2006|04:26 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

(I'll do my other one once I figure out who to use.)


Sitting at her computer and drumming her fingers lightly on the keyboard while mp3s zipped through a cable attached to a rapier leaning against the desk, Kristine stared at the screen, or rather, off into space. The manor was constantly plagued with insanity and as much as she had forced herself to get used to it, was more than ready for a vacation. As for where to go, well...she hadn't gotten that far yet. But it was a start, and figured running the idea past her mates would be a good next step. Her computer announced the file transfer was complete, and Kristine unplugged the rapier, shut down the machine and strode out her bedroom door to find someone who might share her sentiments.
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k [Sep. 10th, 2006|04:40 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

Peppa rolled out of a Rougeport bar, dizzy from the alcohol. "Nice guys finish last." She slurred, just so people would know she's drunk and stay out of her way. She eventually rolled into the water, was picked up by the current, and drifted toward the island. "Elp?" She passed out as she drifted on the ocean blue.


Pyroro Guy got on his jetski and headed toward the island because I'm uncreative.
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Enter Stage Left! [Sep. 10th, 2006|09:41 am]
The 2ROT13 Cipher


The moonlight cast dancing fragments of light atop the glassy surface of the ocean. The back and forth motion of the waves, the tranquil ocean spray and the distinct smell of bitter salt made Angie Sporetto moan as she leaned over the railing of the Mushroom Kingdom ship.

"I knew I should have flown," she thought to herself as she heaved a load of attractive cargo overboard.

Wiping off her mouth, the mushroomer stared up at the moon; the soft white light seemed to calm her restless sea-sickness, at least until an order came audible from underneath the deck.

"Angie Sporetto? Angie? You're needed in the galley!"

"Just a minute!" she called back, shooting a quick glance back up at the night sky before husling back down into the ship's kitchen.

Angie was a cook by trade, and as such, her life's dream was to open up her own 5 star establishment. However, certain circumstances had made it difficult for her to scrounge up the funds nessesary to begin a buisness. Namely, lousy pay, a poor work environement and general failure to stand up for herself and make things happen.

All of these situations in place, Angie found herself taking on any job where a decent chef was needed. The latest task called for her to be a chef on a Mushroom Kingdom expedition to a newly found island. She wasn't told much about the island or even the expedition itself; only that there were plenty of mouths to feed.

Picking out some dry rations, she went to work on a basic split pea soup. The concoction came to a boil, and Angie watched the soup begin to churn and pulsate, the coloration being like the sea outside. The mushroomer stared deeply into the contents of the pot, and ran as fast as she could back out to the deck.



Click! Click! Click!

Jack gave out a long, profound yawn as he flipped through channels on his airhip's TV set. His eyes drooped a bit, and he felt himself nodding off, a documentary about wombats lulling him to sleep in the background. Nudging the television remote closer to himself like a child would snuggle a teddy bear, his eyes finally closed shut.

"Captain Jack! Captain Jack!"

Spotty came flying into the room, a mug of coffee in his hands. The contents sloshed out over the rim, dying bits of the carpet a light brown. Jack forcefully kept his eyes shut amidst Spotty's chaotic entrance, desperately wanting to sleep. Finally he spoke up, his eyes remaining firmly shut.

"For cripe's sake Spotty, I was about to go to sleep!" one of his eyes shot open, "And is that a coffee stain you just spilled on the carpet?!"

"Sir, I brought you a Latte. We could very well be coming up on the island soon, and I know you'll want to be awake-"

Jack interupted, "And that 'Sir' and 'Captain' thing. You're my best friend, not some stooge. You don't need to be overly formal."

Spotty ignored Jack and persisted, "Sir, please remain awake. You're going to want to be in peek shape when we get to the island if you want to reap all of the treasures."

Jack consented and took a long swig of Spotty's latte. The drink didn't take long to warm and wake the goomba's small body. He lifted the mug from his lips and stared at it wide eyed, as if admiring the workmanship of the cup, of course saying, "World's Best Captain."

"This is pretty good, Spot," Jack commended of the drink.

"Thank you Jack," the first mate replied, "I'm going to return to the bridge."

Jack watched him as he waddled out of the room. He stared absently at the documentary for a few more seconds before the rythmic Click! of the remote again rang through the room.
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Blazer for now cuz I need sleep :( [Sep. 10th, 2006|12:37 am]
The 2ROT13 Cipher
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]


Blazer was in his Glitzville workout room. On his back, he was benching several hundred pounds, sweating bullets. His workout coach Artichoke the Pianta walked in.

"Yo, Blazer. We gotta train hard every day! Harder than that!"

Blazer sighed, setting the weights on the holder and getting up, wiping his face with his towel.

"Actually...I was thinking....of... taking a break." Blazer managed to say inbetween breaths. Artichoke was not pleased.

"A BREAK! ARE YOU MAD? WE GOTTA TRAIN HARD!" The Pianta flipped out.

"For what? The next tournament isn't for a couple months. A vacation sounds nice. Or an adventure..."

"To where? Not anywhere important, I'm sure." Artichoke retorted.

"That island...everyone is talking about. The one that kingdoms are competing for. I want to...go there." Blazer said calmly. Artichocke snorted.

"....fine, whatever. When are you coming back?" Artichoke asked rather impatiently. Blazer shrugged.



"Calm down Arti. I'll be fine. Until than, see ya." And with that, Blazer got up and left the gym, leaving a rather shocked Artichoke.

"...that kid. He's gonna get in big trouble with that attitude."
Blazer had packed some supplies with him in a shoulder strap bag to take with him. He walked to the Cheep Cheep blimp.

"One ticket to Rougeport please." He threw a bag of coins at the Cheep Cheep, who fumbled to catch it.

"Yes..yes sir." The Cheep Cheep was rather intimidated by Blazer. Nonetheless, Blazer boarded the blimp.
Upon entering the town, he walked to the docks. He saw a gray skinned Lakitu named Rusty.

"Hey there Blazer!" Rusty said. "Ready to go? Milo told me everything."

Blazer nodded. "Greetings. Where is the boat?"

"Right here." Rusty took out a small pellet of sorts. Pressing a button, he threw it into the water, which made a large motor boat pop out from the compressed pellet.

"Yes...this will be fine...thanks Rusty."

And with that, Blazer stepped in the boat, revved up the engine, and started driving towards the ocean.

"This island...I wonder what I'm gonna find on it."
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And Here We Go [Sep. 9th, 2006|11:52 pm]
The 2ROT13 Cipher

(You're first addition thingie should look a little something like this. Again, sorry for the tardiness.)

[Desolation Guy]

Thick streams of moonlight coated the surface of Mushroom City Harbor with a shiny, silver luster. A pair of Mushroomer sailors were stepping lightly from a pier onto the mainland, the first of which was hauling a rather large, heavy crate. The second appeared to be carrying nothing, and seemed to be keen on heckling the first.

"You're going too slow," the second sailor grunted, his voice carrying clearly through the chipper night air.

"Shut it," the first snapped irritabley. "Maybe if you were carrying something this heavy..."

"Heavy?" the second scoffed. "I was lifting those by the stacks earlier."

"Yeah, whatever."

The two continued bickering as they trudged toward a rather larrge, rusty warehouse that stood some fifty meters from the shoreline. As they drew near a wide opening in the building's side, a loud shattering sound pierced the night air, and nearest street light flickered out. The first Mushroomer halted abruptly in the sudden darkness, and the second proceded to run into him.

"The hell?" the second sailor shouted, recoiling. "Why'd you stop?"

"The light went out."

"So? What are, you some kind of --?"

Several eardrum-shattering gunshots suddenly rang through the air, cutting the second Mushroomer off. A second later, an almighty crash sounded, and the second sailor saw his comrade's shadowy form fall limply to the ground. The Mushroomer stood stalk still for a moment, his eyes wide with fear, then bolted for the warehouse entrance.

"Going somewhere?" an icy voice questioned.

The sailor chose not to answer, and instead doubled his speed. He was only a few loping steps from entering the warehouse when an explosion errupted into life a meter of so in front of him, throwing him back. He heard seveal quick strides, then suddnly found a gun barrel pointed at his forehead.

"Where's your ship heading?" a the figure holding the gun hissed.

"R–rougueport," the Mushroomer stuttered,

"That's good enough."

Another series of shots rang through the air, and the figure grasping the gun holstered his weapon and kicked the lifeless corpse aside as he stepped smartly toward the pier. As he passed under one of the massive harbor lights, he could see a small group of additional sailors surging toward him. Wearing a bloodthirsty grin, Desolation Guy reached for his gun once more.

(Because I'm a lazy twat, I'll do my other character later. You're characters' goal at this point should be to get to the Island place. How they go about it is up to you. Obviously Dessie has his own methods. =D)
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